SP61470 Garage on Glebe Road

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£168.00  / month
Description Secure garage with electric door- 24hrs access. Unlimited 7kw EV charging Suit smaller EV. 1 min walk to Chelmsford train station. £300 per month to include free EV fuel. Please only book if you require unlimited EV charging. Use of garage without charging needed will not be accpted.
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Space type Garage
Space access Key fob or entry code, Space allocated
Hours of use Mon to Sun
Available from 18-06-2024
Space ref. Ref. SP61470
Suitable for Small cars
Space features
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EV: Type 1
Charge speed: 7kW
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EV: Type 2
Charge speed: 7kW
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Parking type


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Nearest station


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Cancellation terms


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Hours of use:

Mon to Sun

Unlimited EV charging (per month)


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