Advertise your EV charging point and earn more for your space

Join a growing collective of parking space owners who provide electric vehicle charging points and start earning more money for your space today.

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Earn money through your EV charging point

Give drivers the option to use your EV charging point during their parking stay

Earn more money from your space
Easy to advertise and simple to manage payments
Join a growing network of EV charging providers
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Add EV charging to an existing space advert any time

You can add EV charging to your space features at any time so why not start earning money straight away by advertising your space without EV charging.

How does it work?


Create your space advert

Start creating a space advert and add the details of your space.


Choose EV charging as a space feature

When selecting your space features, make sure to choose ‘EV charging’. Once selected you can also set your charger type and charging speed.


Start taking bookings

Once your space has been submitted and approved drivers will be able to see details of your charging point on the ParkLet website and app and will be given the option of selecting EV charging when booking your space.

How much can I charge for EV charging?

We charge a standard rate across all charger types based on length of stay. The amount for charging will be added to the overall cost of the space based on the length of the stay.

Daily Weekly cap Monthly cap
Charges to tenant £50.00 £100.00 £300.00
You will receive £32.00 £70.00 £228.00

To find out more about letting a space visit our let a space page

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Frequently asked questions

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