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Garage on Tibbets Close


Mon to Sun

Description Individual lock up garage (2.45m x 4.6m) in a row of garages but as typica as al stand alone garage detached from any house. Private Close (Tibbets Close). Can only be accessed by the private road making it very safe. Available 24/7 and has have own individual lock. 10 min away from Southfields station. Garage No light. Suitable for storage or to park a small car (eg. Smart). You wouldn't be able to put a 4x4 or an estate car. Zone 3 and there is street light in the garage area.

Address 10-20 Tibbets Close, Wimbledon, London, SW19 6EF. Full address available upon booking.

Space type Garage
Space access -
Restrictions Mon to Sun
Available from N/A Let
Minimum booking 1 month
Space ref.
Ref. SP20827

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Southfields Tube Station

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